A Musky Night to Remember

It’s the last day of a tough, hot, sticky week at the Ottawa River Musky Factory. The boys have worked hard and after 5 full days of casting they only have 8 fish. Welcome to the Ottawa River, home of the ‘Disney Fish’. The final evening put 3 in the boat to end with a very respecatable 11 in the boat over 6 days.

Maxam Outdoors guy Joel was dealt a crushing blow in his quest for another 50 when this beauty only measured 49 1/2. No gimmies!!! You can see the disappointment in his face.

Then for the final fish of the trip none other than The Sheriff steps up yet again this week with a fish he ‘gave the groceries to’. People from Wisconsin say funny stuff but The Sheriff can say whatever he wants because his 53 is quite simply a thing of great beauty.

To CD, a man who has paid his dues and been bestowed a great reward because of it


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