Monster Musky Alert Already!

The musky season on the Ottawa River doesn’t start until Friday but with a lot of help from a couple of friends I have a horse of a fish to show you already.
This past week I made my first ever trek to Lake St. Clair to fish with Spencer Berman. Spencer is way too young to be considered a legend but he is well on his way to earning that moniker and in fact, he has been setting the musky world on fire for the past several years.
Conditions were tough to start with high cold water and a massive cold front descending upon us. Anyone can catch muskies when the bite is hot but only the best can inspire fish that don’t really want to eat to visit your boat for a photograph. Spencer is one of those guys. We caught 3 in tough conditions on my first day and that was a great score considering how messed up things are.
On my second day the wind was too big to even venture out onto the big lake and so we stayed sheltered and cast near the shore for the morning. Nothing to show but clean lures and sore early season casting muscles from our efforts. It became clear that we needed help and a bigger boat to brave the conditions. Enter Jason from Fins and Grins Muskie Charters.
Jason is a very technical troller with a big boat to deal appropriately with the big water of Clair. He is a very experienced captain and boy does he work hard for his guests. In 4 to 5 foot waves at 10 pm when we were reeling in the lines to go home this baby screamed line off the reel and it was game on.
I am very lucky to have been able to team up with both Spencer and Jason. These are two of the hardest working and smartest guides I have ever fished with and I could not recommend them more highly.
Thanks boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Book your Ottawa River trophy trip today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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