Ho hum Another 49 for Adam :)

Adam hails from Pittsburgh and because of that he hasn’t caught very many muskies. Nothing against Pittsburgh, it’s just not Ottawa. He has never caught one casting. This 3 day trip was going to change things a little bit.

In the first hour of our trip Adam scored the biggest fish of his life – a 49-inch post spawn female who looked the role. This trophy gave Adam second place in the Kahuna Cup musky event organized by Peter Levick. Adam held onto first place until late in the day when John Lidsle boated a 52 to take the prize. It usually takes a 50 or better to win any event on the Ottawa. Not many places in the world can say that!
On day 3 of our trip Adam hit the jackpot. Throwing a PDeez Inline Adam bagged a 45, then a 49 ½, then a 43 for a whopping 137 inches of casted muskies. Not bad for a newbie. The best part of all is Adam was able to watch all 3 fish take the blades – something he will never forget!.
What a day Adam! Congratulations!!


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