Yet Another Moby Musky – Dare to Dream

Kent is new to ‪#‎musky‬ fishing but from the time we first went out he got it. He and his son Jarrod have been back numerous times and been rewarded frequently with trophy fish and the fishing experience of a lifetime. It keeps getting better but this time it is going to be hard to top.

Jarrod boated his biggest yet this spring at 48 ½. It was a butt-kicking long line fight that created a beaming smile for the thought and reserved student. He will never forget that fish and Dad was there to share it with him. Too cool.

This time Paul Didaskalou guided Kent as my time is booked up until October. (If you want to get out on the water this fall I suggest you call now. I have several other guides available any time and on short notice and we can accommodate groups of up to 12 people). Paul has been producing giant muskies at an amazing rate the past couple of years and he did it again.

Not only did Kent get to watch his first ever top water take and stick on the river with Paul, he got to hold onto a true giant a little while later too. This fish is 52 plus and one of many big fish in our best big fish month of a big fish year.

What is leaving us all with eye popping anticipation for the fall is the girth of our Ottawa River fish this season. Because of the behavioral effects of the cold, high, brown water this spring our fish got fat almost immediately after spawn. This is something I have never seen in my lifetime before this year. It leaves the possibility of catching a super fish wide open for the fall. 50 pound plus ‪#‎muskies‬ will be swimming around by the time October gets here. 60???? Dare to dream baby.




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