60 Fish Afternoon

Saturday was about teaching kids (and parents) about how to fight a big fish. We met at beautiful Watson’s Mill in Manotick at the crack of 1 and began by chumming the water with a few corn niblets. Simple worm and light weight corn setups are all you need at the mill for a great day.

The kids caught over 60 fish that covered eight different species. The big bruising carp were the stars and we fought fish for up to half an hour to get them in. Zachary and Elliott acted as our official release team and marveled at holding the biggest fish they have seen in the water to revive them. Zach and dad Jeff made it a father an son big carp day and dad caught his biggest fish ever.

One of the neat things about being at the mill is that you get to see the fish in the water below the dam. We saw lots of carp, big bass, and even got to watch our first musky of the year cruise by.

Best moments of the day; the first fish ever smiles. Check out Andrew and Laya below.

The first day on the water in Ottawa in 2014 couldn’t have been better. Game on.


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