Legend Lures Available in Ottawa for the First Time!!!

http://www.paddletales.com/ in Winchester has long been known as one of the best specialty bass shops in Eastern Ontario. They specialize in service directly from owner and long time tournament fisherman Ed Puddephat This year Ed is carrying a select line of musky lures, terminal tackle, and essential heavy duty musky rods and reels from Shimano, Loomis, and other companies designed for musky anglers attacking the Rideau, the Ottawa, and the Larry.

Brand new on the shelves of Paddletales is an awesome collection of LEGEND LURES. These are hard to get baits around here and this is the first time anyone in the Ottawa area has had them in stock. The hard to believe part; they are $47 a bait. and that’s the same price you would pay off a website in US dollars plus shipping.

I don’t plug many people. Go see Ed. Tell him he has been wasting his life on bait fish and musky hunting is the only truly worthy pursuit on the water.



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