The BIG FISH Days Just Keep on Coming

Tim H and his son Lawson had a crazy trip here two years ago. Something wild happened every day for 4 days. We had giant fish caught and lost, back to back 43.5s on two casts, the rods in the boat charge with electricity (which was one of the scariest moments I have ever had on the water); all of which ended up making the trip of a lifetime for two Kawartha musky addicts. This year the whole gang is up for 6 days and we started out day one and two with epic musky stories. Here’s what happened on Day one…..

Tim and I hit the water and on our very first spot we scored this gorgeous girl. You couldn’t write the start off script any better…. but you could certainly add more excellent verses to the story.

In the evening the whole family was out and brother Lukas got to hold his first Ottawa beauty. Proud dad, proud son, an envious sibling, and a grandfather just enjoying the ride. Three generations sharing a passion born decades ago. How cool.

Could it get any better? Check tomorrow and see what Pop caught and how Lawson gets the one up on Lukas.



10377265_897700536911487_7448925931853620702_n 10439513_897700516911489_7975258977204904811_n

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