Look Mom, I’m on TV! The Fish Finders Small Creek Musky Adventure

When chasing the giants of the fall small creeks don’t strike musky hunters as a place to hang out at the end of the season. They can provide incredible numbers this and others times during the season and should not be overlooked.

I had the pleasure of filming another Fish Finders episode last week (http://thefishfinders.tv/index.html). Hosts Alan Gibbins, Bill Davis, guide Sebastian Kowalczuk, and myself headed out through the cow and corn fields in search of muskies. Just to add a little pressure to the situation we had but two days to get enough muskies to make as show that will air on WFN beginning on November 26th at 7:30 pm.

Despite the extreme cold front conditions and big winds the team came through. The boys got two on their first day while I fished with Gord Pyzer. On our second day out we managed four and the big one was a chunky mid 40s fish weighing in at 25 pounds plus.

Here are some pics of the hosts and myself with some of the hall. You will have to tune into the show in a week or so to see the big one.

Thanks guys and thanks Sebastian. It was a pleasure to fish with you.

The biggest fish of the year is yet to come. Still fishing on the Ottawa and look for my report from three days on the St. Lawrence near Kingston and Gananoque at the end of the month chasing the world record.


John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

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