Big Musky News!

Finally, I’m back!

Thank you to those who write and ask for posts. It’s nice to know you care.

Fishin’ and sleepin’ and sleepin’ and fishin’. Been too busy fishing and sleeping to keep you up to date on the Ottawa River musky scene. I promise to write you some great recaps which will include lots of pics and spectacular video while I recover this weekend.

Right now I am just getting up from my afternoon nap and preparing to hit the water for the final session of another killer video shoot with The Musky Boys. Christian Zimmer, Fred Bowen, and their buddy John from J and H baits just rocked some great footage over the past couple of days including a boat side figure eight fish that ate a Big Mama Dirty B, two other figure eight fish, and a few others including the pig in the pic below. You don’t have to wait for fall to find fat ‪#‎muskies‬. Just come to the Ottawa.

If you didn’t see the epic SEVEN fish day these boys shot here last year, check this out:

And as if filming with the Musky Boys wasn’t enough, The Fish Finders stopped by for a TV shoot earlier in the week. We put six on film in two days including a 2 minute boatside fight with a monster. Alan Gibbins and Bill Davis brought some new cameras and we got some never before seen shots of muskies following baits and exploding on them. These are some of the coolest ‪#‎musky‬ pics I have seen this entire year. Check this out:

The new Fish Finders episode we shot will air this fall and I will keep you in the loop. There are two musky shows we shot last year currently airing every six weeks. Check out their schedule on WFN. Thanks guys.

A shout out to MI 16 as I had the pleasure of fine company from the Pittsburgh chapter of Muskies Inc. We had back to back 47s. Story to come this weekend.

These and several other big fish stories, including a unique one about a 50 from last week coming up.


Peace out,


John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

be good, do good, live well

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