New Ottawa River Fish – The Quillback


This past weekend France and I were out fishing with good friends Doug and Rhonda in the quest for the coveted Kahuna Cup. Thank you Peter Levick and team for hosting another great Ottawa MCI event and outing . We caught a fish that originally I called a Sheepshead but it didn’t feel right. The mouth, the dorsal fin, and the scales were all wrong but it did have the Sheepshead shape.

After some careful research we determined that this fish was a Quillback. After almost 55 years out here I found a fish I have never seen before. Actually, this is the second one I have seen in a week. A few days ago fishing on the same school of bait fish that this fish came from we snagged another Quillback but it got off after a jump close to the boat.

The river never ceases to amaze.

Lots of fall musky fishing left people! We are going to go out and catch a giant fish on a fly in the next two weeks among other adventures.

John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

be good, do good, live well

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