November Rocks! Shimano Rocks!

This past week I had the pleasure of fishing with Jim Bayne who heads Shimano’s fishing division here in Canada for his first musky trip. Jim is traditionally a bass hound but I think we may have converted yet another to our side.

As a Shimano Field Rep for Ontario I am proud to be associated with people like Jim who are as much about doing good for the fish and fisheries and he is about business. Shimano has a wonderful record of giving generously and it pleased me greatly to be able to talk with Jim about all the wonderful things both Muskies Canada and The Ottawa Riverkeeper are doing in our area. Our trip has facilitated a meeting with Peter Levick, Muskies Canada National President, Jim, and Phil Morlock, Shimano’s Director of Environmental Affairs so our bond can become even closer and we can do even more together. Imagine if every company had a senior manager dedicated to giving back to the environment.

High pressure and blue skies matter less in November. If you find the forage you find the muskies and it is easier to pattern fish at this time of year than any other.

Here’s a couple of beauties from our trip that were caught on a FAT AZ glide bait and a 5-inch WATERWOLF tube. If you were lucky enough to attend a Wally Robins presentation on late fall jig fishing for muskies and you paid attention you learned something really important and productive for late fall fishing; muskies are belly to the bottom EVEN MORE in the cold blue skies. Jigs work! Don’t overlook them as a really great late season tool.


John M. Anderson
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