Ashley Rae’s December Musky

I’m all over this global warming thing. Everybody seems to think it’s a bad thing but I am here to tell you that it has really been good for December musky fishing. In fact, it’s the best December ever!

When Ashley and Eric hit the waters of urban Ottawa with me this past weekend we were all beaming like kids. Ashley confided that she hadn’t slept much the night before as she lay dreaming of what might be. Just being able to be out in a boat in December makes you feel special. Being comfortable and catching muskies makes one downright giddy.

It took only 30 minutes of casting for Ashley to rise up from intense circles at boat side and look wide eyed at the two of us. You can get a good idea of the size of a fish by how wide the head is. Trophy fish have massive heads. This was one of those and it would inspire our casting for the remainder of the day.

Modified Suicks have been the hot bait the past couple of weeks. There is nothing quite like watching a musky roll up under your Suick as it hovers and floats oh-so-slowly towards the surface. The fish nip at the bait as they curl and you get to see the head and the whole side of the fish. The scales of a musky reflect shine and colours like at no other time of year. It is a thing of beauty and we have seen this a lot of late.

Ashley has going on 17,000 likes on her Facebook page and a big reason for that is the photographic visions of her beau Eric. Check out her stories and Eric’s photos of their adventures which are very frequent. Eric took the amazing picture in picture shot below.


If global warming continues it won’t take long before we will be fishing them into January. Can’t wait! On the other hand if that happens there won’t be too many more musky seasons for future generations, will there……

peace out,


John M. Anderson
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