Full Moon – Fish the Peak on the Peak


We have talked about the full and new moon many times here so I won’t print the finer points of how big moon days and peaks can be. Go back and find them if you want. Instead, let’s break down the full moon cycle we just completed.

Weather trumps the moon. Although a full moon can have a powerful effect on fish, and the closer to the earth the moon is the more effect it has, bad weather beats a good moon. This was the case going into the full moon as we had a brutally high pressure system with giant blue skies. Muskies were burried in the weeds and belly to the bottom elsewhere for the most part and fishing was hard work.

A full moon cycle is considered seven days – three before, the day of, three days after. The day of the actual full moon the weather changed, and, by no coincidence, so did the fishing.

We had strong action and caught some nice fish. We lost some nicer ones too but here are a couple of fish that ate almost to the minute on the moon rise.

Chase the moon and the new moon through the fall. The biggest fish of the year usually comes off of one of these cycles.

peace out,


John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

be good, do good, live well

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