Best of 2016 at the ORMF

Last year was another best of year for The Ottawa River Musky Factory and with the launch of The Musky Show in conjunction with The Musky Boys, Christian Zimmer and Fred Bowen, and having Peter Levick on board with us, 2017 is shaping up to be even better!

Here are some of the memorable photos we took from this past year and a line or two about what they represent.


Filming with Jim Saric of Musky Hunter TV.

The Jimmy Saric Giant – It doesn’t get any better than guiding Jim to one of his biggest catches of 2016. Our episode of Musky Hunter airs the week of Feb 25th on a number of networks and the video of this fish is already appearing in new GoFish Ontario commercials.


Filming with Pete Bowman of Fish’n Canada.

Pete Bowman Repeat – My friend Pete Bowman and I worked really hard for this beast and it has already appeared on the Fish’n Canada TV show on the episode we filmed and the ‘best of’ recap show for the year. Watch for it again in February and I will try to send out a notice a few days before it airs next.


Heavenly Thanks – This is my friend Shawn Paladini from New Jersey. Shawn owns Reservoir Hogs Jerk Baits and is seen here letting out the scream that can only come from the musky of a lifetime. Bigger and better coming Shawn! Video of this fish at


Sharing with Friends – Catching a giant musky is amazing any time. Catching one a day apart from your best friend Shawn’s monster makes it even better. Especially when Rob Gabriele’s is a half inch longer……


Franc’s First Musky – Number five on the list but number one in my heart. Christian, Alex, France, and I caught this one less than 15 minutes after we hit the water. Thank you France for everything you are and everything you do to make my life better. I love you.


Just another Wally Robins beast – I have netted so many big fish for my great friend Wally that I have lost track. There’s a great story behind this one and you can read all about it in the latest issue of Big Jim McGlaughlin’s Just Fishing magazine in Wally’s article ‘Strange Things Happen in Muskyville’.…/page-flip-image-gall…/popup.php… or download the pdf version.


Brent Mason from the Peterborough OPP is a big man and this is a big fish. Brent’s trophy hit at the same time as the lightning cracked just up river from us. It was just part of a great day. We also had a 5 fish day that is chronicled in video that will be released over the next couple of days. Watch for the announcement here.


Bucket List Beauty – Accomplished Scottish pike hunter Robert Mason came a long way to get his first musky and got to catch it with his nephews Craig from Whistler and famed tattoo artist Scott. After 15 tries we finally caught the 16th fish to show up. One fish and not a giant. Some people think fishing is about the fish…… What a great day!


Last One of the O in 2016 – Long time guest and good friend Brian Osborne caught this one in downtown Ottawa in December. It was 1.5 inches short of the 50 mark but girthed out at just over 24. That’s why we fish in snow and ice. Thanks Brian.


Swimming with a Beast – A shout out to my good friend Dave Curtis from Fishing Fanatics Charters in Kingston. Dave has been on some of the biggest muskies in the world the past few years and this beast came in at just over 56. Yes, musky guides are crazy.

John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

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