The Website is LIVE: Check out the Gord Downie!!

Thank you all for your patience and overwhelming support for Musky Factory Baits. Our website is primitive but up and running and will only get better from here. Check out our unique bait offerings and know that we will be adding a few more baits in the next week or two.

Our initial idea with Musky Factory Baits was to begin a journey to raise $10,000 specifically for muskie research through Muskies Canada. We thought we would contribute $1 per bait until we get to our goal, however, the response has been so positive that we have decided to make it $2 per bait! Also, we will be selling other products off our site including Huskie Muskie Leaders and Bill Fuller has generously agreed to donate .50 from every leader we sell on our site as well and we will match that to make it $1 per leader. By the way, I have used Huskie Muskie Leaders since Bill started making them and they are all I use in my boat now.

We will also have lure retrievers available shortly as well and other products and brand new baits coming soon. You can actually contribute $10 or $15 dollars to a great cause just for ordering what you need to buy anyway to be as successful as you can be in 2018!

Today’s latest entry to the Musky Factory Bait collection is the Gord Downie. Gord was a quintessential Canadian and Mike and I created this bait as a tribute to him for everything he did to make us better. I personally been side stage, back stage, and front stage with the Hip over 20 times from back to back nights at the Irving Plaza in NYC to Vancouver to hosting the hip in a club I was running called Grand Central on their first ever visit to Ottawa. The colours aren’t just among Gordie’s final costume themes, they are colours that muskies love to eat as well. I know because I have been using them for years.

You can order baits off the website, by emailing me directly at, or by visiting us at the Richmond Outdoors Show on April 7th and 8th. I will have lure retrievers available there.



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