Ever hand bomb a 30 lb musky before?

Lisa has. In fact, the first musky Lisa ever caught is this one and she landed it by hand. She had it on the full rod and reel set up originally but after reeling her scarf into her reel it was locked up. The fish was now swimming freely with about 40 feet of line out and no tension on it.

We were sure it was gone but somehow after re-grouping it was still there! Slowly she fought the fish with only her hands and after a couple of tries at the side of the boat the fish entered the net just as the lure fell out. We only managed a couple of quick photos before the fish did a spectacular ‘exit stage left’ pirouette out of Lisa and Kate’s grasp and into the river. This is one of the fattest mid 40’s fish ever boated at the Musky Factory.

Another 40-inch fish was boated moments later and that concluded the action for the girls first ever musky foray. Both fish came on the moon set for those who follow lunar peaks. We’re booked for next year already!

Musky season is still going strong and I still have several free days between now and the end of the month. If you want to get your fatty on, now is the time!




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