A Perfect Night in Orleans

Many musky anglers in Ottawa think that Orleans is hard to fish, or a tough place to catch muskies. As someone who used to fish there most summer nights in the 90s I can tell you that is simply not true. If you learn it, the Petrie Island stretch of the Ottawa offers some of the finest musky fishing on the river. Here a quick story about a perfect night this August. Just as Frank, Sam, and Sly.

The wind was straight out of the north which is not often a good sign for high activity muskies. Sometimes the rules don’t apply and today was fortunately one of those days.

Sam stole the show as the pictures show but everyone in the boat will tell you that the fish were just as special to them. We had follows, hits, misses, heart breaks, never to be forgotten firsts, shared joy, and a magnificent sunset. what else does anyone need.

Thank you guys. Can’t wait to share a boat with you in November.



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