Sunset Sally (Monster Surface Strike)

Stories and posts have become scarce of late. Thank you for your continued interest, support, and comments. The problem has been too much fishing, too many muskies, too many great pictures, too many new friends, too many picture watching celebrations with Sailor Jerry at the end of the night, and too little sleep. Stay tuned and I will tell you about the best month of the year so far. August has been the hottest time of the year 3 outof the last 7 years. We are working on a 50 MUSKY month here and some of the fish are so big and so beautiful they deserve names.

A few I had an evening off and so I called my friend Paul Didaskalou. Paul makes PDeez inlines ( and in case you haven’t been paying attention, more muskies have come into my boat this year on PDeez than any other baits.

Ironically when Paul and I headed out for our 3 hours session both of us deduced ‘surface bite’ despite the fact that we live on PDeez. Good call!

It was a half hour after sunset and only because their were so few clouds in the sky we could still see our baits. The first take of the night was 10 feet off the side of the boat with the beautiful sunset lights as a back drop. The Sunset Monster came up and crushed the bait. It was an incredible strike with bad intentions right from the start. The fortune of bearing witness to something like this at a time like this makes one feel very special indeed.

The fight was also everything you want a giant ‪#‎fish‬ fight to be and so much more. Ottawa River ‪#‎muskies‬ are among the deepest, thickest, and strongest fish on the planet and when you catch them at 73 degree water temperatures they will kick you for everything they are worth. The giant lady took Paul under the boat, pulled him to the platform floor of my ‪#‎Crestliner‬, and around the boat a bunch of times before we got her in the net. I am not sure who was breathing harder, Paul or the fish.

The pics say it all. Paul looks like he is 14 years old and discovering something wonderful for the very first time. That’s what muskies like this do for a person. It is something you will never forget.

Oh ya, almost forgot to mention the awesome fish at the very end of the night. Sort of an after thought when you catch a Sunset Sally. ‪#‎Musky‬‪#‎fishing‬ is all about timing. What a great 3 hours.

BTW the next picture is of the Monster – Like the Factory – come fish with me!



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