More Musky Boys

More Musky Boys … had more fishing to do …. stories soon … although the river has been good to us … thank you ‪#‎musky‬ gods 🙂

1236443_946538978694309_8023883395240407292_n 1520759_946538968694310_8124490265759857682_n 1622795_946538902027650_9194135444223501036_n 1688401_946538728694334_8731039377045503403_n 10297843_946538982027642_7670620255402344412_n 10373958_946538975360976_363189354718086233_n 10629699_946538905360983_3965965302740598545_n 10672425_946538522027688_4171047698639970757_n 10675697_946538985360975_580558131489556457_n 10698622_946538898694317_7408193795828187869_n


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