From one of our fans:

Alex Bechamp
Hey John, made it out this past weekend for the musky opener in zone 15 of Ontario. Was able to move 2 nice fish and had them follow to the boat but turn away before getting the chance to figure 8, both fish came up on glide baits. Just wondering if you have any tips or tricks I can try to turn the followers into eaters! As well as any spots, structure, baits etc. Thanks!

The Ottawa River Musky Factory
Nice work Alex! Turning a follower into a picture comes down to little things a lot of the time There are too many of them for me to list as I am typing while I head to LSC in a car but watch for a video we are filming next week on figure 8s and boat side finishing that will appear in my video library on my website and in my blog over the next month. There will also be a series of ‘how to’ segments related to choosing and using lures.

A short answer to your question is do big circles and not ‘8s’ with your rod. That means you need a long rod like a Shimano Compre extendable that also let’s you do your circles deep at the side of the boat and keep the fishes eyes off of you and the boat. Never let the blades die and don’t be afraid to introduce vertical circles into the finish as well.




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