ALERT – Large Sewage Dump into the Ottawa River NEXT WEEK


The city of Gatineau has to replace crumbling water treatment infrastructure and as a result will dump completely untreated sewage into the Ottawa River next week for 48 hours. You can read about the details in the link below which is a press release from the Ottawa Riverkeeper.

Amazingly there are no laws in place to prevent governments from doing this. It’s hard to believe that in one of the most advanced countries in the world in the year 2017 we still treat our rivers like sewers. I am proud to be a Riverwatcher for the Ottawa Riverkeeper. They are the lead organization to monitor the health of the Ottawa River, to organize user groups and others who care, to lobby governments at all levels to make positive changes, and to create accountability for such wreckless self-created abuse of our nature, and to create change for the good of us all.

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