Outdoor Canada Magazine, Just Fishing Magazine, and Lawrence Gunther Movie Release


Hi Y’all.

I dropped my boat off at Andre Lalonde Marine this week. Andre, who is the best boat man I have ever had said ‘I guess you are here to get it winterized’. ‘Winterized’ I replied, ‘heck no, I am here to get the oil changed and ready to fish until the middle of December’. ‘The best fish of the year have yet to bite your line so make sure you are dressed and ready!

This week has been a tough one. It’s the first time I cancelled this many charters in a row. Too much rain made the river filthy, too much wind makes it worse and unsafe, and then there is the City of Gatineau…… It’s a good week to be off the water. At least I can catch up on some long overdue posts.

If you check out the latest issue of Outdoor Canada, the ‘Big Game Special’, you will find an article I am proud to have worked on with Gord Pyzer, fishing editor and THE Doc of the fishing world. Even supplied a picture of The Guru Wally Robins with another big headed Ottawa River beast.

Speaking of Wally Robins, you can find another gem penned by him in the latest issue of Big Jim McGlaughlin’s magazine, Just Fishing. Wally writes about the weirdness that accompanies hunting the biggest baddest fish in the water and finds humour in the great, the bad, and the ugly that is musky fishing. Thanks Wally for all you do!

Also I want to throw a huge salute to renown Ottawa angler, educator, and environmentalist Lawrence Gunther I had the privilege of filming a documentary with Lawrence a few years ago and his film, WHAT LIES BELOW

(WHATLIESBELOW.CA) just debuted at the Planet In Focus Film Festival to great reviews. You can listen to Lawrence on Blue Fish Radio at bluefish.ca and learn about his travels and talks at LawrenceGunther.com or blindfishingboat.com.

Remember, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Keep fishing,

peace out,


PS Yup that’s Gord in the Picture with yet another Ottawa River Trophy

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