NEW Tranx Reels are Here!

A lot of people have been waiting on the new generation of 300 and 400 series Tranx. After testing these for Shimano all last season I can tell you that this reel will take over the musky world. It is next generation technology now. There is nothing this powerful, this smooth, this small, this ergonomic, this everything on the market today and the price points of $399 and $419 make owning a high-performance blade eating reel easy.

The official launch of this reel in Canada will happen at the Toronto Fishing and Boat Show later this month ( I am pleased to announce that I will be giving a presentation on Muskie Sunday along with Gord Pyzer, James Linder, Marc Thorpe, and others. If you live in Southern Ontario and can get to this show it offers the greatest series of musky seminars you can attend in Canada this year with 11 presentations in total.

Come by my booth if you are at the show to say hi. My complete show schedule will be out in the next post.

Muskies Canada members get a coupon when they buy a Tranx at the show for FOUR free cleanings/tune ups from Shimano. That’s a hundred dollar value or more and will keep your Tranx in top shape for five seasons. Just bring your MCI membership to the Shimano booth at the show and receive a coupon for 1 free reel cleaning for any Shimano reel you already own! A membership for MCI is $60. It’s a great time to join.

The 300 series reel is the smallest lightest power reel on the market today and actually has the same line retrieve ratios as the 400. Spool it up with 25% thinner Powerpro Max Quatro and you don’t need to go big and heavy for muskies anymore.

300 and 400 Series TRANX reels information –…/fishi…/baitcast/tranx-300-400.html



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