Ottawa 2017 – Voted Number 1 in the World

What’s the number one tourist destination in the world in 2017 according to The Lonely Planet, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Westjet Magazine, and so many more organizations from all over the world who know tourism, hospitality, and travel? It’s my home town of Ottawa! And not just for the muskies!!


If that’s a surprise to a lot of you, it shouldn’t be. I am Vancouver born and bred and if they had muskies out there it would be close, but they don’t (except for a few tiger muskies that have made it into the southern interior from the very successful Washington state stocking program – love the WA Tiger Pack and was even a member) and so it’s Ottawa this year.

Today I attended a tourism summit at the brand new Infinity Convention Centre that illustrated all the incredible events coming to a town already known for music, culture, green space, festivals, being safe, being inclusive, and being tres chic. Frankly, I was blown away. Ten million people will come to this city of 1.5 million people this year from all over the world and they will go away saying wow! Redbull Crushed Ice finale, The Juno Awards, Bluesfest (over 300K attendees), Jazzfest, the world’s longest skating rink, The Grey Cup, and parties every day and every night with such a diversity of themes. And as if Canadians need more coaching and training on how to be polite and good hosts, this city lead by the most popular mayor in the country, Jim Watson, has already started to teach and spread the word about rolling out an even bigger red carpet.

Come here because we are one of the top musky destinations and fisheries on the planet but look around while you stay in the beautiful country setting of Prescott-Russell and go to Ottawa to get your ya yas (Rolling Stones dictionary…) on.

Here are a couple of links to help you find out about the parties and the pics include Mayor Jim launching today’s event and Alice in Chains and I from their last visit to Bluesfest in case you thought Bluesfest was just about the blues. Is that the greatest rock/musky photo of all time or what!


See you on the water or at the party.

Peace out,


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