Peter Levick is Guiding at the ORMF!

It pleases me greatly to formally announce that Peter Levick has joined the team at the Ottawa River Musky Factory and is available to guide you, your friends, your family, or your best business clients on both the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers.

I have known Peter as a friend and through Muskies Canada where he built the Ottawa Chapter into the largest in the country and also served as National President for the past two years. I can tell you that you could not be in better or more experienced hands out on the water. Peter has been intimately involved in musky fisheries management, numerous research projects, and has traveled to fish all the major musky waters in Canada and several in the US over the past several years. Peter will teach you, inform you, and entertain you out on the water.

Here is a special video introduction to announce Peter’s arrival put together by ORMF guide and Musky Boy Fred Bowen of a FEW GIANT fish that were caught on the O and the Larry in Peter’s boat last year.

If you liked that make sure to follow The Musky Show on YouTube as we chronicle the 2017 season in bi-weekly episodes.

peace out,


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