A Musky Love Story for Valentine’s Day


Do you remember when you fell in love with musky fishing? Of course you do.

For me there were three times and places that were made special by muskies and good friends who shared like passion. It was staying at the RCMP camp at Long Island on the Rideau River and taking row boats out to fish muskies with Jeff Carroll in the early 70s. Eventually we graduated to a canoe with a motor and finally a 9.9 hp Johnson. It was riding the bus with Eddy Lalonde to Hog’s Back and Carleton University to catch muskies on jigs in downtown Ottawa. And finally it was in Minaki Ontario where I had the opportunity to travel with my musky mentor Ken Stunell.

This fish picture is from 1976 on my first trip to Minaki. It was 40-inches long and ate a Marathon Musky Hawk thrown on a Mitchell 300 spooled with 20 lb Trilene on a 7-foot Berkley Cherrywood rod. The fish came off the south side of Musky Channel. I had traveled 25 hours by train to a place I had never been to catch that fish. That was the moment I fell in love with muskies.

Post your musky love picture and tell your story.

Musky love is forever!



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