Big Muskies and the Toronto Maple Leafs


Today marks the start of the religious holiday period in Canada known as the NHL playoffs. Happy holidays to all my celebrating Canadian friends and to my American friends who have found the joy of OUR religion. We solve problems with a fist fight, a five minute penalty, and then we go and drink a beer together after the game.

Unlike baseball or basketball, there is no Canada’s team in hockey and loyalties are fiercely regional.

I come from Ottawa, home of the best defenseman since Bobby Orr and some of the biggest and strongest muskies in the world.

As a staunch supporter of the Senators, I have to come clean; I keep a Leafs jersey in my boat.

In the fall when the big girls are on the feed they gorge on mooneyes and other baitfish. They get so fat and so full that when you pick them up for a grip and grin shot they often spew muskie poo. This is a good problem to have in your boat! And nothing cleans muskie poo better than the white and blue.

Let the games begin!

peace out,


ps thanks Sean Toll for being such a good sport.

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