Muskies on the Fly! Yes We Do!!


The two highest areas of growth in the fishing world are musky fishing and fly fishing. And, if you want to try something with an extra challenge (like neither of these pursuits is challenging enough by themselves),musky fishing on the fly is all the rage. In fact last summer I queried a fly fishing biologist from California I was guiding and asked her why she wanted to come all this way to catch a musky on the fly she answered ‘because it is the ‘it’ fish in the fly world now. Of course it is…..

I have been filming with Colin McKeown for The New Fly Fisher for over 15 years now. In fact, we have a show from last summer coming out soon that will blow your mind – six hours, 12 muskies up, nine on, two in the boat. Epic!

We have some great fly fishers around Ottawa. My friend Cam makes some of the nicest musky flies I have ever seen and the one is the picture is a new design for his ‘Ottawa River Mooneye’. It is not just a work of art, it will catch some great fish this coming season. If you would like one of these limited edition flies send me a note and I will put you in touch with Cam. They are only $42 CDN.

If you want to catch a musky on the fly this season, send me a note and we can book some time to make this happen. After playing with these fish on flies in late season for a number of years now I believe that fly fishermen have just as good a chance to catch a true giant in November and conventional throwers.

dream big,


ps The Rapala inside the box is six inches long

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