Ho Hum, Another Big Musky

You may have noticed a bunch of big musky posts from the Ottawa River Musky Factory of late. That’s because it is October and big, no actually GIANT musky season is just starting. This is not a giant but it is a big musky.

Even though Howard is a lawyer and even though he is from Toronto, this hospitable Ottawa River fatty decided to allow him to play with her. That is way beyond the call of duty for any fish!

BTW, I usually fish a free intro or departure session with my guests if scheduling permits. Officially Howard, this fish doesn’t count as our trip doesn’t actually start until tomorrow……

Aside: People from Toronto must agree not to talk about the Leafs, the glory days of the 50s and 60s, the agony of the last 40 years plus, and how you still have hope for a better future. You don’t. Do you want a GIANT musky or not……. I think the choice is clear.

Like the Factory on Facebook … come get yours in person – book your trip – we have some weekday slots open.


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