Can’t catch a friend

I have decided not to catch the cuda. We have become good friends over the past 4 days. In fact he comes over to visit every morning while I have my coffee.

This remarkable fish lives in a shallow rock and coral canal. I brought only light tackle to catch fish for my nieces and nephews and although my Shimano Sedona is more than up to the challenge technically, I do not have the ability to muscle this brute and worry about injuring it or having it break off and be stuck with a lure in her face.

Thus we are destined to be just friends. Very close friends as you can see …



PS volcanos rock!

10563174_1091215400893332_6059413871490994375_n 11012491_1091215317560007_5747845972864870861_n 11017664_1091215350893337_804679993238530169_n 11216254_1091215390893333_8655234018298345873_n 11232175_1091215357560003_6440835209428795846_n

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