Jersey Boy Gabriel Catches More

This was a reunion trip of sorts since Shawn and Rob hadn’t chased muskies together since their long distance forays to LOTW and Eagle. Rob had been teasing Shawn with big musky pics from the Ottawa year after year for a long time and it was the right time for Shawn to get back in the saddle. This wasn’t going to be the 24-hour drive to northern muskyville to catch few or no fish, this was a quick 8 hour ride from northern New Jersey to new age musky heaven. This is the Ottawa River baby!

Rob is a technically excellent, hard working, and focused guy on the water. I love fishing with people like him because you just have to let them loose on the good spots and they cover them like a blanket. If there is an active fish there, they get it. Shawn is of similar ilk with only a slight bit of rust on him. We got rid of that in no time as Shawn scores first.

Every fish elicited comments about how strong are fish are. It’s so true. River fish are stronger than lake fish because of current. They have bigger tails too which gives them more power in battle.

Three days, nine fish, Shawn’s biggest, and even the guide scored a 50. The boys are booked back for next year already.

Shawn hasn’t caught his first 50 yet but he has now netted one. Here’s to trading places next year Shawn.

Thanks guys. It was a blast!!!

10857990_1127080160640189_345862688117791177_n 10858565_1127080217306850_4114607630307845278_n 11027471_1127080070640198_9064340093479744008_n 11237573_1127080313973507_5915312714639450396_n 11694871_1127080297306842_2456770095555378887_n 11737817_1127079810640224_3862765087099657537_n 11738053_1127080163973522_1608309276654840675_n 11742699_1127080017306870_5711424126329190690_n 11752622_1127080097306862_300298149927584727_n 11760236_1127080193973519_3598243448522821523_n

Johnny A

ps Caught a top water 50+ this morning. Stay tuned for the details.

John M. Anderson
We produce BIG fish!!

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